Make Legacy part of your organization’s future

Israel Legacy Central was created to bring Legacy giving to Israel and support Israel’s nonprofit organizations. Israel Legacy Central connects donors with Israel nonprofits and helps Israel based nonprofits to plan, launch, and grow their organization’s Legacy program.

We’re built a comprehensive program that provides the training, education, and ongoing support needed to for your organization to be successful with Legacy. If you’re is interested in making Legacy part of your long-term philanthropic plan, we invite you to connect with us to learn more.

What is your organization’s vision for the future?

Explore how Legacy can help your organization achieve its long-term vision and goals

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Education and training

Our six-month professional development program provides you with hand-on skill development, workshops, and classes. We help nonprofit leadership learn everything they need to become a Legacy expert and ensure your organization is ready to make Legacy part of your philanthropic plan.

Program Set Up and Launch

Following our education program, we’ll help your organization set up and launch your own Legacy program. With complete operational and funding resources, we’ll work with you properly integrate Legacy into your current operations.

Build and Grow

Once you complete our program, your organization will have ongoing access to Israel Legacy Central’s advisory and growth team to help you grow your Legacy program. We’ll help guide your organization’s donor outreach efforts and support your team’s efforts.

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Contact us to learn more about our program and how to get started. We’re excited to connect with you.