Personalize Your Plan

Every Legacy Plan is unique and should be personalized based on your specific situation.

The concept of planning your legacy may seem a daunting task, but it can be a meaningful, enjoyable and deeply fulfilling process. Part of that process includes the personalization of your Legacy Plan based on your specific situation and goals.

While all Legacy Plans are unique, every Legacy should include the following three essential elements:

Beneficiaries: The beneficiaries are the nonprofit organization who will receive the funds. While you may decide one specific organization only, Legacy Plans often include two or more beneficiary organizations. Note that some nonprofit Legacy programs allow you to support specific projects or initiatives within the  organization, in which case you may choose to designate the funds towards a specific project.

Funding Structure:  Three common ways to fund your Legacy include lump sum at death, a gift over For a term of years (two, fiver or event twenty), or a permanent fund which distributes annual income to your beneficiary in perpetuity. The funding structure you choose will depend on what works best for you or your beneficiary.

You can also designate a specific program or programs withing an organization, or permit the funds to flow unrestricted so that the organization’s leadership can decide their best use.

Funding Amount:  The amount you decide the fund up to you – no amount is too much or too little. You may fund a specific dollar amount or specify a percentage of your estate. For many people, percentages work better because you may not know today the exact assets that will be available in your estate later. If you’re funding multiple organizations, you can specify the percentage that each beneficiary organization will receive. 

Once your gift is funded, your promise becomes a reality and your funds can flow to all the organization you choose and individuals they support.

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