Legacy Starts With A Promise

You may not know today what your assets or needs will be, but you're ready to make an impact on the future.

For many of us who are passionate about Israel, there comes a moment in time when we’re ready to take action. When that time arrives, you decide that you ready to commit to funding a heartfelt cause after your lifetime.

At that moment, you are ready to make the promise to include Israel in your Legacy.

While you may not know how you will fund your legacy, you are ready make a commitment to create your legacy plan. Maybe you already support several favorite causes or organizations, or perhaps you are thinking creating your Legacy plan for the first time.

You may still not know at that time what your assets or needs will be years from now. Perhaps you will ultimately allocate a percentage of your future assets instead of a specific gift amount. The details of your legacy plan are left for the future. For now, simply say, “Yes, I do want to leave a legacy in Israel.”

Making a promise begins by considering the future needs of your family when you are gone. It’s about embracing the idea of sharing your assets with a philanthropic cause you believe in. After you’ve made the promise, you can take as much time as you need to decide how to honor what’s most important to you and your family, formalize your legacy plan and decide when to fund that plan.

Once you have completed your Legacy Process you can appreciate the job and completion it brings, assured that nothing in your estate is wasted, that no one is left out, and your dream will be is fulfilled.

For now, simply say, “Yes, I do want to leave a legacy in Israel.”

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